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About Us

Founded by former YC Alum and serial entrepreneur, Marsplay is a socially curated shopping app, that seeks to employ the long tail of influencers to surface discovery & commerce of interesting fashion products and brands - fulfilling a felt need to stand out, in one’s attire and accessories, in the age of homogenised fast fashion.

Marsplay targets 2 key constituents: the shoppers who seek a unique and distinctive fashion inspiration and, the long tail of creators who share their own inspirations and fashion takes on social channels to a loyal following that shares their aesthetic and fashion sensibilities.

Marsplay provides the inspiration, with a ready & fast growing community of influencers and shoppers on the app, and then removes the friction to impulse buys, by providing a ready ‘buy’ button, thus creating immediate fulfilment for shoppers; affiliate revenues and a virtual and ready storefront at the moment of impulse, for influencers.

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